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Mixers for Everyone!

An Alameda East Bay Successful Thinkers Mixer provides business owners and success-minded individuals an opportunity to meet, interact and establish a referral network of eager Bay Area professionals. Our Mixers provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new entrepreneur.

Successful Thinkers Network has eliminated the annual and monthly dues that are common with many networking gropups. We know that with free membership, more people will be inclined to attend allowing you to build a larger referral base. Members and guests alike are encouraged to build relationships that will lead to building your business, as well as, helping to strengthen the local economy.

This unique networking concept creates an exchange of energy and information among local decision makers who are dedicated to creating solutions to today's business challenges. There are speakers at every meeting, delivering instructional, educational and inspirational material intended to enhance your business and personal life.

Please join us for lunch, meet the STN team and learn the latest business strategies and applications from our dynamic speakers. Alameda East Bay Successful Thinkers Network provides a powerful platform where you can expand your horizons and build upon your success.