Attitude Determines Altitude

Recently, Alameda East Bay Successful Thinkers was fortunate to host guest speaker Del Blaylock,who delivered his presentation of "Attitude Determines Altitude".

Del reminded us that how we react to life's challenges is a decision. We can't control the challenges that life sends our way, we can only control how we react to those challenges. This is a principle that changed my life when I read Anthony Robbin's book, Unlimited Power". Tony's book teaches how to reframe your thinking in order to make the choice to stay in a positive state of mind.

Del also reminded us that it is our responsibility to maintain a positive attitude because our actions affect the attitude of everyone around us. Attitudes can be contagious, positive or negative.

Lastly, Del spoke about the power of belief. "If you think you can; you can." A positive attitude starts with the belief that you have the power to choose the path on which you walk. So choose wisely.