Michael McDonough

Michael McDonough is the Alameda East Bay Successful Thinkers Lead Ambassador. He has been a Financial Consultant for over 25 years working with business leaders to develop practical solutions to both business and personal financial challenges.

Michael has lived in Alameda for almost 20 years and is Chairman of both the Alameda Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Committee and Business Education Committee, as well as, serving on the Chamber's Board of Directors.

The Leadership Team of the Alameda East Bay STN is comprised of local East Bay business leaders including Diane Sommers, Angele Sweet, Deborah Wright, Tom Cascorino and Daniel Barrera.

Jim Bellacera

Jim Bellacera, founder of STN, is a renowned Speaker, Author and authority on small business success, selling over a million copies of his books and audio trainings. His strategies have helped thousands of people around the world to create the success they were looking for. Jim’s accomplishments have culminated in the creation of the international organization, Successful Thinkers Network Inc.